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Zabel Yessayan: Final Homecoming

Judith Saryan

The fifth and final installment of our series about Zabel Yessayan.


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February 2021

Zabel Yessayan: Final Homecoming

In the fifth and last installment of our series about Zabel Yessayan, Judy Saryan revisits the writer’s final years in Armenia. Saryan explores the reasons behind Yessayan’s decision to move to Soviet Armenia, the brief period of calm and creativity that inspired her to write her childhood memoir, and the turmoil that followed as she once more took up her pen to fight against injustice during some of the darkest years of the Stalinist regime. 

Judith Saryan embarked on a career in publishing, editing and writing after 37 years in finance. In partnership with the Armenian International Women's Association (AIWA), she helped to publish three works in English translation by Zabel Yessayan.

Topics: Arts/Culture Biography/Memoir Literature Women's Studies