AGBU Webtalks

About Us

The AGBU WebTalks is an online video series that aims to capture and preserve the insights and passion of engaging, inspiring, dynamic thinkers from around the world, speaking on a wide range of Armenian topics. With these short videos, AGBU WebTalks seeks to create a rich repository of knowledge and provide online access to authoritative and reliable information to meet the demands of our connected and visual world. We want to bring more exposure to our scholars, thinkers and artists by making their expertise more easily accessible to our worldwide community regardless of location and age.

AGBU WebTalks is part of an innovative multi-media platform currently in development from AGBU and designed to provide online learning tools to anyone interested in studying the Armenian language, history, literature and culture. The resources on the site are intended for audiences of all ages and will range in use from language apps to e-books to virtual tours as well as the instructional video interviews in the WebTalks series.