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The AGBU Nubar Library Holdings

Boris Adjemian

A look at the major collections of the AGBU Nubar Library.


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June 2019

The AGBU Nubar Library Holdings

Founded in 1928, the AGBU Nubar Library in Paris is one of four major libraries in the Armenian diaspora and holds within its walls a wealth of knowledge and cultural history salvaged from the destruction of the Armenian Genocide. Here, the director of the Library, Dr. Boris Adjemian, discusses the main collections in the holdings of this long-standing institution and their relevance today. 

Dr. Boris Adjemian is a historian and the Director of the AGBU Nubar Library in Paris, France. His research focuses on the history of Diaspora, migrations and memories of mass violence. He published La fanfare du négus: les Arméniens en Éthiopie (19e-20e s.) in 2013, he is the editor-in-chief of the bilingual, multidisciplinary journal Études arméniennes contemporaines / Journal of Contemporary Armenian Studies, and a member of the editorial board of Vingtième Siècle, Revue d'histoire.

Topics: Arts/Culture Education History