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The AGBU Nubarian Library

Raymond Kévorkian

Dr. Kévorkian discusses the events that led to the establishment of the AGBU Nubarian Library.


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January 2016

The AGBU Nubarian Library

The AGBU Nubarian Library was established in 1928 in France with the express purpose and mission to preserve the Armenian literary heritage. Today it is an important center of scholarly research in Armenian studies, holding thousands of books, periodicals and archival documents and photographs. Historian and former director of the library Raymond Kévorkian looks back to the tragic events that led to the establishment of the Nubarian Library and tells the personal story of one of its founders, the writer Aram Andonian, who having survived the events of April 24, 1915, dedicated his life to keeping alive the legacy of the Armenian intellectuals massacred during the Genocide.

Produced by AGBU WebTalks in partnership with the Zoryan Institute.

Dr. Raymond Kévorkian is a French Armenian historian and author of The Armenian Genocide: A Complete History. His writings and research focus on the events of the Armenian Genocide, its impact on the surviving Armenian communities across the diaspora and in the formation of the Turkish state. For many years, Dr. Kévorkian served as the director of the AGBU Nubar Library in Paris. In 2010, Dr. Kévorkian received the Armenian Presidential Award in recognition of his enormous contributions to Armenian studies. He is a member of Société de Géographie, a board member of International Association for Armenian Studies, and a foreign member the Armenian National Academy of Sciences.

Topics: Genocide